BCG treatment for bladder cancer

You have been found to have disease of the bladder lining. It has been dealt with by searing or scratching utilizing an instrument passed through the urethra (the "urinary entry"). Regardless of the possibility that all noticeable growth has been evacuated, minuscule infection may stay from which new tumors can create. Your specialist has suggested BCG treatment to take out conceivable remaining malignancy cells and diminish the danger of repeat.

Prior to your treatments BCG works best when kept at full quality in the bladder. To avert weakening of BCG by pee, you ought to cutoff your liquid utilization to close to 250ml (1 container) in the four prior hours every medicine. Diuretic meds ("water pills") build pee creation and have the same weakening impact. They ought to be taken two hours after your medication as opposed to sometime recently.